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Happy Dussehra

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Happy Dussehra to ALL

Apple’s Steve Jobs, Visionary Leader, Died at 56

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Steve Jobs, died on Wednesday at the age of 56 after a years-long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Steve Jobs with a television commercial for the iPod is displayed behind him, at the 2004 Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco

His death was announced by Apple and sparked an immediate outpouring of sadness and sympathy from world leaders, competitors and other businessmen including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Apple paid homage to their visionary leader by changing their website to a big black-and-white photograph of him with the caption "Steve Jobs: 1955-2011." The flags outside the company's headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop flew at half mast.

Jobs died one day after the consumer electronics powerhouse unveiled its latest iPhone, the gadget that transformed mobile communications and catapulted Apple to the highest echelons of the tech world.

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