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The Complete SEO Process – Ten Steps

11:33 PM

Quick facts about SEO and Search Engines:

• More than 80% of internet users use search engines to find the products or services to buy

• Up to 85% of searchers ignore paid listings.

• 63% of the top natural (organic) listings get click through.

• Natural (organic) search results convert 60% higher than PPC.

• 11.8% of Google traffic will click on a site in the second page of results.

• In June 2009 Nielsen reported nearly 21 million unique visitors to Twitter.com (almost a 2000% increase year-over-year).

• Nielson, comScore and Compete pegged US unique visitors at 18.2 million, 17.6 million and 19.7 million, respectively, that month.

How important are the Top Search Engines?

We have a chart below that represents the searches done in the United States in 2010. It shows our main focus should be on just 4 search engines; Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

Search Engine Market Share Graph 2010, Fast SEO Ranking, Fast SEO Results, Fast Ranking, Fast Search, Advent Digital

The top 5 are more than 98% of the Internet's searches!

A good ranking in major search engines can make the difference between commercial success and failure.  In this blog, I would like to share with you the complete SEO process in ten possible steps.

These 10 steps provide a roadmap for an effective SEO program. To be noted that SEO is not a quick fix method to boost results, but it is and has to be ongoing to give the best desired results

1. To start: Keyword Research

2. Step Two: Competitor Analysis

3. Step Three: SEO Friendliness Design & Analysis

4. Step Four: On-page optimization

5. Step Five: Google Webmaster Tools

6. Step Six: Off-Page optimization - Links

7. Step Seven: On-going Content Addition

8. Step Eight: Social Media

9. Step Nine: Blogging

10. Step Ten: Web Site Maintenance

To start with the Complete SEO Process, next post is on "Keyword Research".


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